Gorging on goodies from the sea

Jul 27, 2012

Visitors are flocking to Shanghai's Jinshan District, a new mecca for seafood lovers where the Seafood Culture Festival offers the bounty of the ocean, an unspoiled coastline, a fishing village, restaurants galore and plenty of activities.

The festival starts on July 15 and runs for three months through the middle of October.

The festival is part of the district government's bid to develop the area's 10-kilometer-long coastal line into what it hopes will be the New Bund of Shanghai, taking advantage of the fishing culture of Jinshanzui Village on Hangzhou Bay.

"Shanghai locals love seafood, but they have to suffer hours on the road to Ningbo City and Zhoushan Island in Zhejiang Province. Now gourmands can enjoy seafood in Jinshan with more convenient transport and lower prices," says Zhu Min, director of the fishing village's Development and Management Co.

Visitors can try varied seafood - fish, shrimp, molluscs, seaweed - in Jinshanzui Seafood City and along Jinshanzui Seafood Street, one of the oldest streets in Jinshan. They can get a look at daily life in a fishing village east of Jinshan City Beach, site of the Zebra Music Festival from next Friday through Sunday.

Just-netted crabs, white shrimp, little yellow croakers and all kinds of marine animals are available. Visitors can walk along, take their pick and tell cooks how they want their catch prepared, fried, steamed, broiled, smoked, roasted with salt, threaded on a bamboo stick or just raw, fresh and salty.

Villagers are famous for cooking that preserves the natural flavor of seafood, including hairtail, mackerel, cuttlefish, crabs, clams, eel and others.

How to get there:

Tip: Driving is simpler and more direct than public transport.

By car:
Take G50 or S4 highway. Take G15 (toward Ningbo). Get off at Tingwei Road and then drive south to Huhang Road. The seafood street is along the beach on Huhang Road.


Public transport:

Take Metro Line 1 to Jinjiang Park; walk a minute, then take Bus Line Shimei (from the Meilong Bus Station to the Shihua Bus Station); then take Bus Line Xiwei to Jinshanzui; walk three minutes to the seafood street.